Calamine: Getting Started

Congratulations on your purchase of the Per Vices Calamine Receiver! This manual is intended to provide you with useful information regarding the safe operation and use of your new receiver.

Obligatory Notices

This product is subject to the Per Vices terms and conditions.

Please review these terms and conditions carefully, prior to purchasing or using our products.

If you have questions, please contact us for more information.


Every effort has been made to test and measure the validity of this equipment. However, these specifications may change from time to time without notice.


RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK Do not attempt to modify or touch the internals of this device. Ensure host computer is properly grounded during operation. Disconnect AC power during installing or removal.
HOT SURFACE This device may become very hot during operation; avoid contact. Ensure adequate ventilation and that unobstructed fan inlets.
LABORATORY USE ONLY This device has not been approved by any agency or approvals body for Electrical Safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility, or Telecommunications at the time of distribution. Research use only!
OBSERVE ESD PRECAUTIONS This device contains electrostatically sensitive components: it may be damaged by static discharges. Observe ESD precautions & proper grounding when handling, installing, or removing device.
RF TRANSMITTER This device is capable of RF transmission on bands or frequencies subject to regulatory oversight. Operators are responsible to ensure use of this device meets local regulatory and legal standards, as they may apply to you and the band of interest. This device is intended for test and measurement use only.

It is the exclusive responsibility of customers and end users to ensure use of this device meets local regulatory and legal standards, as they may apply to you and the band of interest.

Overview of Setup

Figure 1: Overall installation and configuration procedure.

Installation and configuration comprises of four parts:

  1. physically setting up the hardware
  2. configuring the host network interfaces,
  3. building and installing the Per Vices libUHD library on the host computer
  4. installing gnuradio

Plugging in the device

Figure 2: Device Overview


Physical Installation

Figure 3: Physical installation of Calamine hardware.

  1. Ensure the Micro SD card is fully inserted inside the Micro SD card reader.
  2. Plug in the power cable at the rear of Calamine.
  3. Connect ethernet cable from host computer to Management port on front of Calamine.
  4. Connect 10G SFP+ cables from 10GBASE-R network card\(^2\) installed in host computer to SFP+ ports on front of Calamine.
  5. Turn on the unit and wait for the four LEDs on the front of Calamine to light up. This is referred to as the LED Boot Sequence

How to Test Successful Setup and Operation

Please see how to Test Successful Setup and Operation to ensure your device is properly setup.